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Comparing Évoilà5 with other meal kit services.

Évoilà5 operates in a slightly different way than other meal kit companies. Delivery is not available, there are 6 locations where you can go pick-up your box and you cannot select and modify your own menu, each week there is a selection offered by Évoilà5 and that is what you will have.

How Évoilà works

When you want to make your first order, you must register onto the Évoilà5 website and select a pick-up location (Brossard, Rosemère, Saint-Jérôme, Terrebonne, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Ville St-Laurent). A few days later, you can go in-store and pick-up your first meal kit. Afterwards, you will receive a weekly phone call from Évoilà5 to confirm your order. With Évoilà5, you cannot choose your meals. You either take their weekly selection or you cannot order. Their competitors, whom all offer free delivery across Québec, also allow you to make your own selection directly on their websites.


A bit of history of Évoilà5

Évoilà5 was founded in 2014, by Yiannis Ntaginis and Josée Corbeil. The first shop was opened in Ville St-Laurent, the second in Vaudreuil-Dorion. The company then decided to develop a franchise system, starting with one in Rosemère. In 2016, the first shop on the south-shore opens in Brossard. The following year, Saint-Jérôme and Terrebonne are the newest additions to the chain.


Comparing Évoila5

Évoilà5 offers a lot less flexibility than its competitors do. Other meal kit services offer flexibility for your family’s preferences and allow you to customize your box. They often offer a selection of 8 meals per week to choose from and you do not absolutely have to choose 5. You can select as many as you wish. Also, Évoilà5’s competitors will deliver to your home or workplace anywhere in Québec. No need to go out of your way or to live near one of their branches! The delivery is made in a refrigerated box which allows the ingredients to stay fresh even if you are not home when the delivery man comes along. The competitor’s recipe cards are often illustrated, making the cooking of the meals a lot easier. Some companies stand out with their different offers. Like Cook it for example, they offer a selection of ready-to-eat meals (to heat-up) while Missfresh offers tea or coffee that can be added to your order.


Comparison of meal kits services in Canada

To be included in this comparison, businesses must deliver at home throughout Quebec and have been in service for at least 1 year. Companies meeting these criteria are: Cook It™, GoodFood™, Chefs plate™ and MissFresh™. If you notice an error, please contact us as soon as possible using the form at the bottom of this page. Only plans with recipe choices are considered.

Cook itTM Chefs PlateTM GoodFood TM MissFreshTM HelloFreshMC

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Headquater located in

Montreal Toronto Montreal Monteal Toronto

Delivery zones

Quebec and Ontario Everywhere in Canada Everywhere in Canada Everywhere in Canada Everywhere in Canada

Collect boxes and icepacks
(in the Montreal area)

Yes No No No No

Offer ready-to-eat meals

Yes No No Yes No

Offers add-on products

Yes No Yes Yes No

Gluten-free options

Yes No Yes No Yes

Price for 3 meals for 2 people

$77.00 $59.94 $82.44 $65.94 $82.99

Price for 3 meals for 3 people

$92.00 n.d. n.d. n.d. n.d.

Price for 3 meals for 4 people

$132.00 $107.88 $140.88 $119.88 $139.99

Price for 3 meals for 6 people

$159.00 n.d. n.d. $170.82 n.d.

Subscription without commitments

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Can change the number of recipes and portion anytime

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

New menu every week

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Offers a rewards program

Star Chef program No No No No

Smallest box (recipes)

1 2 2 2 3

Biggest box (recipes)

7 4 4 7 4

Number of recipes offered per week (regular subscription)

14 12 12 14 15

100% Meat without added hormones

Yes No No No Yes

Latest news

Cook it acquires Locaal Chefs Plate acquired by HelloFresh Goodfood launches reusable box Metro sells MissFesh to Cook it Chefs Plate acquired by HelloFresh
More info More info More info More info More info

This site is a Cook It ™ initiative to provide a comparison of the various ready-to-cook services. All data compiled in the table comes directly from government registers and COOK IT ™, GOODFOOD ™, CHEF’S PLATE ™ and MISSFRESH ™ business registers. In order to allow a detailed analysis, we selected 19 criteria of 100% quantitative comparison, that is to say based on data that can be verified at any time. The package of 3 selected recipes, being the best-selling product in the industry, was chosen for price comparison. Companies are ranked, from left to right, in order of foundation, then alphabetical in case of equality. If you notice an error, or wish to add a comparison criterion, please contact us as soon as possible at